Illustration/art direction

I began my career as an illustrator operating as a freelancer throughout studios in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. It is within this practice I honed my craft. My studio continues to service clients, and forms aspects of my research as an educator.

New Body of Art

Visual Art

A series of 31 works created in collaboration with photgrapher Andrew Dunbar. The aim of the work was to challenge the notion of the ‘unreal’. Pushing at the heart of not only the themes of the surreal but at the playfulness of the boundaries which exist between painting, photography and sculpture.

Episode Series

Visual Art/painting

My Episodes are paintings which began as a series of works which frame the main intent of my output as a visual artist and painter. The works began in 2007 during the second year of my Masters degree at Monash University, Melbourne. They were to signal the departure from figurative works into an abstract vernacular based on archetype worship through the myth of Superhero information in a suburban environment.