New Body of Art

My collaboration with Andrew Dunbar, photographer, on this series of work, began in 1995 and by 1998 we had created 32 pieces of work which became New Body of Art. The amalgamation of painting and photography transports the viewer into a world of illusion, drama and colour. Our aim was to create each photograph without the use of props or digital post production.  What the viewer witnesses in a framed image is a trick of the eye which was shot through a bellows extension Hasselblad large format 4x5 film camera. The process which we developed was honed by trial and error during each shoot. The intricacies of each image exacting it’s unique process through our own particular expertise. It could be said in many ways that we were in each others head, as the images were so finely balanced between failure and success, with only a window of opportunity to complete each piece within one sitting. The longest creation lasting 18 hours without a break: “before the models collapse through sheer exhaustion and we are satisfied we have achieved the goal”. My job was to unfold the image through the ‘eye of the lense’ literally over an extended space, whilst Andy expertly constructed the lighting to pull off the illusory surreal intent. It is hard to believe now that this entire series was created in a pre-digital era of polaroids and processed film. The pressure of this aspect alone (have we got the shot? Is it in the can?) was part of the real magic needed for the impetus of such a rare collaboration.



Blowing Bubblegum

Bon Appetite

Double Bass

Got a Problem!


Hoot Hoot


Pear on Chair

Pigtail Ooh La La!




The Businessman

The Dinner Party

The Madonna

The Sunflower

The Temptation

Viva Las Vegas

Wa Me Day Wah Ke

Yummy Chops

Footnote:  two pieces in the series ceased to exist. One during the course of processing film and the other created on the opening night of a salon exhibition, representing a selection of our work at G.Ray Hawkins Gallery, Santa Monica, Los Angeles in 1998. The camera was stolen and subsequently the artwork.

All images:

Ilforchrome Fine Art Print

100cm x 75cm

Limited Edition 30

Signed, titled & editioned