Educator, illustrator, graphic designer, visual artist, creative director and poet.

Chiappin was born in Adelaide, South Australia, and currently resides in New Zealand where he is a lecturer within Visual Arts and Design graduate and post-graduate degree programmes. Chiappin has an accomplished professional background in the visual communication sectors, specifically as a commercial illustrator and visual artist, with an ancillary advertising career in art direction and freelance brand creative direction.  He established his networks in the commercial advertising sector internationally through his formative Illustration practice which stemmed from a purely craft based graphic discipline, having graduated from his Design Degree from the University of South Australia the last year before the advent of computerised illustration.  This aspect drove his highly specialised hand skill practice recognised for his expressive and disarmingly satirical image creation, of which he has been the recipient of many prestigious advertising and publishing awards and accolades for Illustration from 1990 – 1998, including the Silver Pencil ‘Best Illustration of the Year’ Australian Art Directors and Copywriters Awards 1992, and the FOLIO Awards ‘Best Illustration of the Year’, 1995.


Chiappin has a vital visual art practice that has crossed boundaries of commercial art and media practices. Particularly evident of this is his collaboration with photographer Andrew Dunbar and their body of work titled ‘New Body of Art’, a construction of painting, live body sculpture and photography.  This work was exhibited in Australia, and represented by Sotheby’s in New York as well as exhibitions in Los Angeles, Baltimore and Havana, Cuba in 2006.  He graduated from a Masters of Visual Art through Monash University in 2008, which has strengthened his consistent artistic output in a painting and print series entitled ‘Episodes’, a culmination of abstract quasi figurative works, addressing his interest in the dichotomy of myth making and multi-cultural suburbanism.


Chiappin carries these integrated practices through his role as an educator, tutoring his particular multidisciplinary vision towards the craft of creating imagery that is effective.